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Renaissance Growth Fund I, LP (“RG FUND”) represents a “rebirth” of modern energy investments. RG FUND is a private equity growth firm focused on domestic long life, low decline, producing oil and gas assets, in addition to areas of the oilfield services sector which we have found allows us to maximize our profits by vertical integration. Our strategy adheres to the simple rule of investing, “Buy Low / Sell High”.

Our investment team understands firsthand the ebb and flow of the energy sector, and looks for assets that have suffered dramatic, seemingly short term, price reductions to reserve and value basis predominantly as a result of impacts to the futures oil market. The combination of a short-term impact to commodity prices versus long term, stable, existing producing properties with a significant production history and reserve base, creates a simple but very effective buying opportunity.

RG Fund was created to capitalize on oil & gas market conditions, and the subsequent undervalued assets as a result thereof, purchasing and revitalizing assets to drive fund growth and expand operations further.

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What Makes Us Different

Extensive Drilling Experience

  • 20+ years drilling and completing Horizontal and Unconventional wells
  • Drilled and Operated in multiple geographical Fields, Counties and States
  • Wells are drilled using the latest Technology
  • Extensive background in both Unconventional and Conventional oil and gas fields

Diverse Operational History

  • Ranked Top Oil Producer in North Texas as an Independent along with Major Independents
  • Technical Teams with 100+ years managing oil and gas fields
  • Vertical Integration allows the company to limit service price increases when demand is high and reduce costs during a downturn
  • Fields / Wells are monitored using multiple Technologies and Analytics

Financial Acumen

  • 20+ years owning and participating in working interest projects in multiple states and thousands of wells
  • Diverse knowledge and experience working with Credit Facilities (Banks)
  • Experience negotiation and structuring Private Equity / Hedge Funds
  • Proactive Hedging Strategies

Proven Track Record

  • 30+ Acquisition and Divestitures
  • Executive team has managed and participated in 70+ projects that have gone full cycle / exited
  • Proven ability to navigate successfully through multiple downturns
  • Knowledgeable in both natural gas and oil

Structure & Pedigree

  • Investors own equity in the business, not specific wells / projects
  • Investors benefit from vertical integration of business (oil wells + service company + acreage + hedging strategies)
  • Managing Partners are publicly known and have verified success
  • Pursuing cash flow plus equity appreciation, not just wellbore cash flow

Strategic Partners

i Stick Capital Management

IStick Capital Management, LLC executive management has over 100+ years of operational experience and has owned assets in six states. It’s portfolio features ownership in oil and gas wells with multiple reservoirs in proven producing fields with untapped reserves. IStick minimizes risk through a balanced blend of assets and adhering to specific operational guidelines for all development.

R2Q Operating LLC

R2Q Operating, LLC is the licensed operator of oil and gas assets in Archer, Clay, Wichita, Rusk, Gregg, and Upsher Counties and has operated over 1,000+ wells in Texas. It’s Operations staff consists of a Land department, RRC Compliance Department, Analyst, Production Engineers, Production Superintendents, Pumpers, Echo-Meter Technicians, and Roustabout Crews. R2Q Operating is supported by its own fleet of Service Rigs and Operators, Tank Hauling Trucks, Dozers, and many other oil field service equipment.

Our Industry Partners